Rules and regulations

Closed Qualifier Rulebook

This set of rules was created by and for Merkur Masters. It is generally valid for the course and execution of the Merkur Masters. The set of rules remains valid in its completeness even through any changes that alter or invalidate the validity of individual rules. Any changes to the rules and regulations are reserved to the league management and will be announced publicly to the participants.

  • 1 Merkur Masters Account

Every player must create an account at, link it to FACEIT and have his identity identified in order to be eligible to play. Participation in a Merkur Masters Open Qualifier Cup without a Merkur Masters Account will be penalized with a disqualification of the team.In the event of a repeated occurrence, the team will be disqualified for the rest of the season. In addition, every player must have reached the age of 18.

  • 1.1. Team Names/ Accounts

The team is responsible for the control and the creation of the team account. A current logo must be uploaded. Violations will be punished per team and matchday. The team name may only consist of the actual name of the team and additionally two sponsor names.

It is also not allowed to use offensive, obscene, racist, illegal team and player names as well as team and player logos.

  • 1.2 Sponsors

The sponsors may be mentioned in logos in the game, nicknames and team names.

But only two per logo/name. Sponsors who work in illegal or pornographic areas are not allowed. Likewise no individual is allowed as a sponsor. If the names of the players are set by the server, the league management will remove them from the nick and team names.

  • 1.3 Communication

For a reliable, easy and direct communication of the league management with the participants it is recommended that each team has at least one person on our Discord server. Every admin on the server is happy to help with the assignment of the corresponding roles. Link to the server:

To avoid misunderstandings, every league member has to adjust his nickname on our server: “Team Name Nickname”.

In discord, e-mails, instant messenger etc. all participants are expected to treat each other with respect. Likewise, all participants are expected to behave properly in public. Furthermore, it is absolutely forbidden for participants to spread any communication from support tickets outside of their own team. In case of a violation, the respective participant will first receive a warning, followed by exclusion. In order to maintain transparency, it is possible for participating players or teams to ask the league direction for the content of a ticket. Decisions which are made in a ticket and are relevant for all teams will be announced in the discord. Furthermore, the announced support channels are to be followed for support cases. For general questions you can ask in the cup channel on the discord, for specific questions a support ticket is preferable.

  • 1.4. Betting

So-called match fixing or any form of betting in relation to the Merkur Masters automatically results in exclusion.

  • 1.5 Agreements between teams

If the league management finds out that there was an agreement between 2 participants and intentional manipulation of results, both teams will be automatically excluded. Furthermore the organizer considers to take legal action against this fraud. At the same time, the team loses any claim to the prize money it has won so far.

  • 1.6 Live Streaming

In the case of game transmissions via streams, special attention must be paid to adequate behaviour in the game as well as strict adherence to the specified time. Up to 15 minutes before the match it is normally announced which matches will be broadcast. It is also possible to pause a match due to a technical problem during transmission, this must be ordered by the league management. Excluded are the games which are transmitted by the Merkur Masters themselves.

  • 1.7 Definition

Played is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the latest version available on Steam.

  • 1.8 Drugs & Doping

Consumption and gambling under the influence of prohibited substances according to the Addictive Drugs Act is prohibited without exception. If the tournament committee determines that a player is under the influence of so-called doping, he will be excluded with immediate effect. At the same time, the team will be excluded from the current competition and will lose any claim to the prize money and the points already earned.

  • 2 Platform

All games are played on the FACEIT platform. This means that every player is responsible for having an account on the platform. Furthermore, each player is responsible for ensuring that the anti-cheat client runs smoothly. The servers are also hosted via the platform. However, Skillshot cannot take any responsibility if the services of FACEIT do not run smoothly.

  • 3 Mode

  • 3.1 Game Mode

The Online Cups are held in a best-of-one within a single elimination bracket. Both teams ban three maps each until a single map is left. In the final a best-of-three format will be used. The ban mode looks as follows:

Team A bans a map

Team B bans a map

Team A bans a map

Team B bans a map

Team A bans a map

Team B bans a map

Left Over

For the final, ban mode looks like this:

Team A bans a map

Team B bans a map

Team A picks a map

Team B picks a map

Team A bans a map

Team B bans a map

Left Over

  • 3.2 Time specifications

Each participant must adhere to the time specifications for games. A “no-show” or “late arrival” can lead to a defwin or disqualification. In addition, any appointment can only be made with the permission of the tournament management (discord).

  • 3.3 Mappool








If there is a map rotation within the Cup Series, the map pool from the beginning of the season will be maintained.

  • 3.4. Timeouts

Each team has 4 timeouts of 30 seconds per side. The timeout takes place between the rounds and has to be done by the team taking the timeout. The corresponding FACEIT command is “!timeout”.<

The technical timeout must be taken between the rounds and is initiated with “!pause”. The pause lasts 180 seconds. The corresponding FACEIT command for this is “!pause” Correct use If the technical timeouts are not used correctly, penalty points can be given or even lead to a defwin for the opponent.timeouts, which are taken by the league direction, can last a maximum of 15 min, otherwise the game is stopped and played at another date.

  • 3.6 Substitution of players

Player changes can only be made after or before a match. The team can only use the players who are already in the account. A stand-in that is not registered at the start of the tournament may not be used. 60% of the lineup (starting with the first cup participation) must remain the same over the duration of the cup series, otherwise all points earned will be forfeited. At the same time, at least three players from Germany, Austria or Switzerland must always play.

A maximum of 2 substitutes are allowed in the Team Account and you may only change twice during a running Cup.

  • 3.5 Overtime

Overtime is held in MR3 $16,000.

  • 3.6 Substitution of players

Player changes can only be made after or before a match. The team can only use the players who are already in the account. A Stand-In that is not registered at the start of the tournament may not be used. 60% of the lineup (starting with the first cup participation) must remain the same over the duration of the cup series, otherwise all points earned will be forfeited. At the same time, at least three players from Germany, Austria or Switzerland must always play. A maximum of 2 substitutes are allowed in the Team Account and you may only change twice during a running Cup.

  • 3.7 Distribution of points

Points can be collected at each of the Open Cups.

Depending on the ranking, different numbers of points can be earned per cup, which are then needed to qualify for the Closed Qualifier at the end of the cup series.

The points table is as follows:

  1.   Place

500€ + 10 points

  1.   Place

250€ + 8 points

      3-4. Place

5 points

      5-8. Place

2 points

  • 3.7.1. Equal Number of Points

Should two or more teams have exactly the same number of points after completing the Online Cups, the rankings will be added together and divided by the number of Cups played. The team with the lower score will get the better ranking. However, should there be a tie again, a coin toss will decide the ranking.

  • 3.8 Seeding

Teams from the 1st and 2nd division of the last ESL Championship or 99Damage League can apply for a Highseed for the Open Qualifier Cups at the league management via support ticket or directly in the discord. This can also apply to teams from the ESEA Advanced on and can also be requested by a support ticket or directly in the discord.

  • 4 Penalties

The penalty system in the Merkur Masters is divided into several levels. As a rule, pronounced punishments only expire after six months. In the case of very serious offences or bans, the ban is not lifted at any time. If a misdemeanour is committed several times by the same player, the penalty is added up. If a player or team reaches six points, it is excluded from the current tournament competition.

  • 4.1 Light penalties: 1 Point


This infraction occurs if the team is not ready to play at the start of the match. If the team is more than 10 minutes late, it will be penalized with a match defeat and eliminated from the tournament. In addition, the team receives one penalty point


It is not allowed to behave in such a way that other users are harmed or really insulted. Criticism and saying things that do not hurt or offend anyone is allowed.

Unsportsmanlike conduct

If a team or a player fails to comply with the sporting convention of FairPlay, the team will be penalised.

  • 4.2 Average Penalties: 2 Points

Use of players not eligible to play

If a player is not eligible to play, the game is immediately considered a Defwin for the opponent. This means that only players who are registered on the homepage and appear in the FACEIT team account are allowed to play in the cups.

Severe insults

Racism, racist insults or other verbal abuse based on age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin or religion are totally unacceptable.

Dubious behaviour

If the administration determines that teams or players are obviously not doing their best to win a game, the player as well as the team will receive penalty points.

General Penalties

Wrong behaviour as well as behaviour that occurs during a tournament and is not explicitly mentioned here will be dealt with general penalties.

Serious offence immediate exclusion

bug using

Fair play! All forms of unauthorized bugusing, cheating or unsportsmanlike conduct will result in immediate exclusion from all Merkur Master tournaments. Furthermore, the team will lose all points earned in the Online Cups.

Forbidden scripts:

○ nickname scripts

○ Bunny hop scripts

○ Stop shoot scripts (use or AWP scripts)

○ Turn scripts (180° etc.)

○ No recoil scripts

○ Burst fire scripts

○ Center view scripts

○ Rate changers (lags)

○ Anti-flash scripts or bindings (snd_*)

○ Stop sound scripts

○ Custom files

Violation to follow Instructions

Every player is obliged to follow official instructions and announcements during the tournament. If the tournament officials have to repeat themselves during the tournament, delays may occur. Failure to follow instructions directly addressed to the team or an individual player is a breach of the rules and will result in disqualification.


If a player is found guilty of cheating, both the player and the team are excluded from the tournament with immediate effect. The banned player is banned from all competitions of the Merkur Masters for life with immediate effect. The team also loses all points earned up to that point and is not entitled to any prizes.

The GOTV demo of each match will be provided. If you suspect a cheat against a player, you have to create a time table based on the GOTV demo(s) and give it to the admins via support ticket, latest 48 hours after the completion of the game. The Admins will check the allegations and take further steps.

The tournament organizer reserves the right to ban the player/team from future tournaments in case of multiple serious violations of the rules.

  • 5. Externals Bans

Players who have already received a ban in another league or from another anti-cheat tool are generally excluded from participation. The league management makes use of the house right and does not allow players with active cheatbans due to the Fair Play regulation! This includes active bans in the ESL, ESEA and CEVO.

  • 6. Prices


  • 6.1 General

The prizes at Merkur Masters can include both material prizes and prize money.

  • 6.2 Exchange

Prizes in kind cannot be exchanged for cash and are assigned to a fixed placement. It is not possible to exchange non-cash prizes between placements. Skillshot Consulting GmbH will be responsible for the shipping of the prizes and the costs will be paid within Germany. Material prizes cannot be cancelled during the competition.

  • 6.3. Prize Money Distribution

The prize money is already known and is given as net prices and also the distribution key for the prize money. The standard distribution key for the Online Cups is

  • 1st place: 500,00 Euro
  • 2nd place: 250,00 Euro

  • 6.4 Payment

The payout will be made only after the end of the online phase, which is determined by the end of the closed qualifier. If a breach of the rules is detected by then, there is the possibility that the prize money will be withheld or reduced depending on the breach of the rules.

  • 7 Streaming

  • 7.1 POV/Ineye

In principle, streaming the In Eyes is allowed until the quarter-final matches. However, the following conditions must be met:

The Merkur Masters logo must be visible on the stream in a size of 230×250 pixels

The stream title must contain “Merkur Masters

The match will not be transferred from maincaster to

Ineye streams are prohibited from the quarter finals onwards.

  • 7.2 Caster

Casters can find out about all the requirements on our homepage and can then apply using the form below. Afterwards you will receive all further information by email.

  • 8 Legal action

The legal process is excluded!

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