The Open Qualifier Cups offer the opportunity for every amateur team or upcoming professional team to regularly compete in a competitive environment and gain experience at a high level of play. The winner of each cup will be rewarded with cup points for the entry into the Closed Qualifier and a prize pool of €6.000.


Format and Broadcast

Six Open Qualifier Cups will be held, with a total of €6,000 and eight slots in the Closed Qualifier. The Cups usually take place weekly at the weekend at 15 o’clock. They will be played in single elimination BO1 mode with a BO3 final. The registration for each cup starts on the previous Monday at 9am and closes one hour before the start of the cup. The entire event is also broadcasted on Twitch from the round of sixteen on, so that your friends can follow the action:


Prize money and winnings

For each cup there are cup points. The eight teams with the most points after all Open Qualifier cups will then receive an Invite to the Closed Qualifier and an additional prize money based on their ranking. In the Closed Qualifier the best teams in Germany are already prepared for the opponents and the chance to win four slots for the grand offline final in Osnabrück.

1. Place

500 € + 10 points

2. Place

250 € + 8 points

3-4. Place

5 points

5-8. Place

2 points

Conditions of participation

For the regular participation an account on this website is necessary. Otherwise it can lead to disqualification.

FACEIT Anti-Cheat

The online phase is carried out via the FACEIT platform with its anti-cheat tool.

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